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  1. Incoming Phone Calls: We can field your roll-over sales and leasing calls or become your first point of customer contact. PhoneSmart adds professional sales consistency to your operations.
  2. Multi-Channel Marketing: We rollup your website, email and telephonecampaigns into one effective unit. PhoneSmart drives more business your way and helps improve your conversion ratios.
  3. Sales Team Training and Management: Plug-and-play with our sales and customer service training programs. PhoneSmart training seminars, resource materials, secret shopping and coaching calls will help your staff sound smart to your customers.
  4. PhoneSmart Flexibility: We are able to customize our systems and programs to meet the specific conditions and needs of our clients. This means you get what works for you, not just a template.
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for property management companies

Self storage companies can add thousands of dollars of monthly revenue to their bottom lines by allowing PhoneSmart to capture missed phone calls and by using PhoneSmart’s sales training and secret shopping services.

Multi-family communities can decrease time-on-market and vacancy rates by using PhoneSmart to back-up their leasing agents and by using PhoneSmart’s telephone mystery shops.

Retail and office centers can also fill space more quickly and efficiently by using PhoneSmart as their off-site sales force and sales training partner.

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For retail and service businesses

PhoneSmart can help you increase the number of transactions and increase the size of the average transaction by helping your staff people capture more business and sell more effectively.

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