PhoneSmart Is All About You,
Building Revenue in 4 Ways

Incoming Phone Calls

Whether you are an owner/operator or manager you can’t always be available to answer the phone. Missed calls are missed opportunities. PhoneSmart handles your calls when you are unable to answer them. Our operators are trained to rent units, take payments and handle a variety of other situations while you take care of onsite customers. PhoneSmart’s call center is like having a remote manager on call for over 100 hours a week.

Sales Team Training

Do your managers have what it takes to close deals with customers? That’s the final battle and one that PhoneSmart can help you win through its 7 Methods coaching and training department. Whether it is just one person or your whole staff who needs training, PhoneSmart can help your managers meet their goals. And our training methods are customizable to your business.

The Ultimate in Flexibility

PhoneSmart can tailor its phone answers to your business. We provide customized greetings and can do so in a number of languages. PhoneSmart is all about you, offering several types of holds: (1) those that require payment, (2) contact information and (3) verbal commitments. You choose what you require in order to hold a unit and PhoneSmart will take it from there.

Pinpoint Your Marketing with Call Reporting

Maybe, just maybe, you are not marketing your business as well as you could. PhoneSmart asks each renter how they heard about your facility and then provides you with the results. This feedback can help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and point you in a more profitable direction.

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